The Waves ecosystem recently made headlines with the largest NFT sale outside of Ethereum. This impressive sale is part of a larger protocol aimed at building users and value.

The NFT, called Perfection, is a Wave duck created by founder Sasha Ivanov and selling for $1 million. After the sale, Ivanov launched the NFT duck game, Duck Hunter on Waves. This innovative approach to DeFi and NFT is how Waves incentivizes users in its ecosystem.

BeinCrypto spoke with Ivanov about his NFT, the use of NFT and gamification to increase participation in DeFi networks and where he saw DeFi space headers.

Making blockchain products accessible
“Waves was founded in April 2016 – recently celebrating its fifth anniversary – in an effort to make blockchain-based products and solutions available to a wide range of users. Hence the original slogan 'Blockchain for the people',” said Ivanov.

Ivanov explained that his network is growing, launching a decentralized exchange in 2017.

"In December of that year, the Waves-NG protocol was activated, offering significantly higher throughput while reducing transaction confirmation times to just a few seconds."

It has since grown, into an ecosystem of solutions all tied to the Waves protocol.

Enter the duck
This year, Ivanov introduced a new approach to driving at Waves through Game Duck Hunter. This game was launched from the successful sale of duck NFT Perfection.

“I created NFT as a “wink” to our community because “Waves Duck” has been a running meme in the Waves ecosystem for some time. I was really excited to launch it and, frankly, didn't expect it to get so much traction. ”

Duck Hunter game combines NFT collection and farm produce. As a result, it acts as a way to encourage participation in the wave ecosystem. Users collect EGG tokens through task completion. Once they have enough, they can exchange them for NFT ducks.

The user collects ducks and breeds them to create rare combinations. Every week, there are repurchases. As a result, it encourages users to create the most interesting and rare ducks.

"We decided to give something back to our community whose members have been so supportive over the years," he said.

Gamification success
The launch of Duck Hunter has been a success for the ecosystem. According to Ivanov, since its launch, the Waves Twitter community has grown through assignments on social media. In addition, there is an increasing number of users adding liquidity or ownership to the platform.

“The assignments turned out to be the most popular, implying a creative approach – like creating a meme about Duck Hunters or finding unconventional ways to introduce the Waves ecosystem and its products.”

Their next target is a total-locked-value of $10 billion in September-October 2021. To achieve this goal, Ivanov said there are several areas to work on.

"The wave as an ecosystem will have to work on several aspects, including liquidity, scalability, and an understanding of how distributed ledger technologies will evolve in the post-blockchain era."

“I think the future belongs to InterDefi. We can already observe the push to unify the crypto ecosystem. Therefore, the interoperability segment will play a major role. ”

#WavesDucks #NFTGaming #playtoearn
#WavesDucks #NFTGaming #playtoearn
#WavesDucks #NFTGaming #playtoearn



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Manufaktur Baptista

Manufaktur Baptista

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